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Canada Spas Couvert specializes in manufacturing superior quality spa covers. Our mission is to offer you the best spa covers available on the market at an extremely competitive price. Plus, all our spa covers are “UL” certified and manufactured from the highest quality materials, offering you the best in reliability and durability.

We offer a selection of over 1000 models or we can custom make one according to your taste and size requirements.

Spa Prestige covers are manufactured according to the highest industry standards. We manufacture our spa covers from polystyrene because it is water and cold resistant, making it perfect for northern climates. Plus, the vinyl is treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent premature aging of your spa cover and ensure superior durability. Covers are offered in a choice of 14 colours to complement your décor. We also carry various spa accessories including 4 types of lifters to facilitate handling the cover, as well as pillows, spa filters and much more. Our three models of Prestige spa covers are all made from superior quality materials. The choice is yours!

Choose from three models of spa covers: Iso-Temp 4, Iso-Temp 5 and Iso-Temp 6. The first is ideal for hot climates or indoor spas. It is 4" thick in the centre and 2" along the edges. It features a superior quality thermal gasket on the cover’s surface and reinforced insulation for maximum heat retention and lower electricity costs!
The Iso-Temps 5, for its part, is ideal for northern climates. It is 5" thick in the centre and 3" along the edges. It features an aluminum bracket for optimal support, cushioned vinyl handle grips, reinforced seams and lining on the skirt.

The Iso-Temps 6 is 6" thick in the centre and 4" along the edges.* Designed for those who leave their property attended for periods of over 2 weeks. Perfect for vacation homes or if your spa is located in an area where snow accumulation is a consideration.

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